Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting to know bighead34

Who is bighead34?

28 year old operations manager for a golf course in Connecticut.

How did you get into HBD?

I was playing fantasy baseball and wanted something more. Did a google search and found HBD and immediately knew it would be perfect for me.

Interests and hobbies?

Playing golf. I'm also a bit of a political junkie.

Favorite team(s)?

NY Yankees, UConn Men's Basketball, NY Football Giants

Suggestion/Tip for HBD?

Be patient. As fast as the game moves at times, I've always found it easier to recover from a non-move than a hasty decision you made because you felt like you needed to do something.

Important individual rating for performance?

I'm probably pay more attention to Makeup than the average HBD owner.

Best move you've ever made in HBD?

Going into Season 13 of Maris, i was fully prepared to offer a max contract to Hipolito Sosa. Just before free agency started I changed my mind and determined that I was more than just one player away from becoming an elite team. Instead of committing at least 95.5M to one player, I ended up signing 5 players (Danny Jackson, Alex Andujar, Wilfredo Sosa, Ken Rapp, and Vic Weathers) for 180.6M. In addition to signing multiple type A's in a single year (a strategy I wholly endorse) I signed players who were all going to age well. Despite never making it to a World Series with this team, I think that had I signed Hipolito Sosa I would have ultimately been worse off and limited the flexibility I've enjoyed in putting together the rest of the team.

Worst move you've ever made in HBD?

In my first season i signed 16 marginal IFAs for 12.4M instead of signing 1 or 2 future MLers for the same amount. (Only 1 guy eventually made the ML and he became a backup/defensive replacement I signed for 5M)

Favorite HBD player?

Probably Einar Limon, who was my first ever draft pick and who just became my first player to win a Cy Young or MVP. Walt Waters and Tarrik Anderson are also very special to me.

Top prospect you are excited to call up in Billy Beane?

Walt Burke, who if he progresses like I hope will be the best pure hitter I've ever had on any team.

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