Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trade Analysis by tk21775

Louisville Steamboats receive: Spud Clarke and Billy Ryan

Charleston River Dogs Receive: Tim Coggin , Domingo Santiago , Keith Torres

1st trade of Billy Beane

The Louisville Steamboats and Charleston River Dogs wasted no time getting trading underway in Season 1. Louisville gets Domingo Santiago, a 23 year old SP/LR prospect that looks to have nice control and splits along with 4 very nice pitches; Keith Torres, a 21 year old closer looks to have a future closing games amongst left-handed batters and 22 year old Tim Coggin who looks to have a bright future in the starting rotation for Charleston with his pin-point control and splits, along with 5 very good pitches. In exchange for those 3 pitchers Louisville receives Spud Clarke, a 31 year old bullpen pitcher who looks like he’ll take care of the middle of games for the Steamboats with nasty splits and amazing control along with Billy Ryan, a 19 year old who looks to start out in Low A ball patrolling CF and who looks to add some power to the Low A lineup. When asked about the deal, manager hurrican384 was quoted as saying: "We gave up a lot of young pitching, but at the end of the day, it came down to who could help us now, and Spud Clarke was the man who vaults us into the forefront of our division and hopefully the league." Owner hopkinsheel provided this comment when asked about the trade: "There is no way we are contending this season or for the next several seasons, so we jumped at the chance to add three young pitching prospects although it wasn't easy sending Spud within the division. We're a little nervous about a couple of the guys improving as much as originally thought due to Pro Years, but we'll just have to see how it plays out."

Analysis: Teams better look to get ahead on the scoreboard early against Louisville as the addition of Spud Clarke to the bullpen with closer Dario Keefe will keep opposing teams off the bases at the end of games. Charleston looks to have added some nice future arms that they’ll be able to build around as they concentrate on the future. However it works out for both teams, this trade has already landed in the record books of Billy Beane as the 1st approved trade in world history.

Louisville Receives: Jesus Hernandez and Lou Coleman

Ottawa Receives: Ed Kelly

Analysis: Louisville kept the trading doors open, this time grabbing 31 year old Jesus Hernandez and 19 year old Lou Coleman in exchange for 25 year old Ed Kelly with the Ottawa Outlaws. Hernanez will throw off the mound in the middle of games for the Steamboats, bringing nice control and decent splits. Coleman looked to be the main target in the trade, where he will develop in the minors for a few seasons until he is ready to handle SS and hopefully a solid bat for that position. Ottawa landed Ed Kelly who looks to take care of CF for the Outlaws with great defense along with a great bat. At only age 25 the Outlaws look to have found the CF for quite some time.

Louisville's comment: "Ed Kelly is a really good player but anytime you can add pitching and a potential very good SS prospect, you have to do. We're excited to see Coleman's development and how Hernandez performs in Louisville."

Ottawa's comment for trade: The acquisition of Kelly set the tone for this fledgling franchise. He is a player we can build around and is a perfect fit for our long-term strategy going forward. We are ecstatic that he will be donning an Outlaws jersey on Opening Day.

Rochester Receives: Damaso Navarre and Dontrelle Broome

Seattle Receives: Jason Minor and Amp Newman

Analysis: The first trade not involving Louisville belonged to the Rochester Redbirds and the Seattle Pilots. Rochester brings over 27 year old Damaso Navarre to close out games for them this year along with 25 year old Dontrelle Broome who looks to help out in the bullpen in the later innings. Seattle welcomed Amp Newman, a speedy 23 year old CF who will make his debut in the majors this season as well as Jason Minor who looks to start out in AAA ball to begin the season where he’ll handle the long relief role for the Pilots.

Seattle manager Gerald007: “I gave up two very good setup guys, but I have a ton of organizational depth there. I needed a ML ready CF, and I got one I really like. He was the key to the deal for me. The pitcher I picked up will be a nice 5th starter/long reliever for me next year. I gave up a lot, but think this deal was a win/win for both owners.”

Rochester Redbird’s owner bonk36 gave this comment when introducing the new players to Rochester: “We pulled the trigger on this deal to acquire 2 quality arms for a bullpen that was sorely lacking talent. We are counting on at least one of them stepping up to play a key role as a set up man. We unfortunately had to give up 2 young and talented individuals who will surely contribute in the big leagues within the next few years.”

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