Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top Player's - C and DH by hurricane384

Hurricane384 will be doing scouting reports on the top 3 players per position. This is based on a numerical formula that assigns weights to each rating and then I will review each player and give a scouting report.


1. Rafael Guerrero (New Orleans) - 29 years old. Will hit for a decent average with good power. Will destroy LH pitching. No need to platoon as he will more than hold his own against RH. Will see his share of walks. Great arm strength, great accuracy and a real solid knowledge of the position. Durability is a concern.

2. Ryan Laxton (New York) - 28 years old. Exceptional power and will absolutely dominate LH pitching. Should post decent average. Will struggle against RH pitching. Good eye should see plenty of walks. Average defensive player. Some concern about durability.

3. Lon Houston (Cincinnati) - 33 years old. Will hit for good average and great power. Hits RH pitching well and does not struggle against LH. Slightly above average eye should see a league average amount of walks. Would be more valuable if not for the durability factor. Average defender.

Designated Hitter

1. Manny Raben (New Britain) - 24 years old. Will hit for a good average with exceptional power. LH pitching had better watch out, while he’s no slouch against RH pitching. Exceptional eye will lead to a lot of walks.

2. Hunter Sizemore (Florida) - 31 years old. Will destroy LH pitching and struggle at times against RH. Will hit for good average with great power. A solid eye will lead to a good number of walks.

3. Javier Castillo (Richmond) - 31 years old. Will hit for average and power and fare equally well against righties and lefties. Should see a good number of walks with his great eye.

4. Keith Sparks (Seattle) - 30 years old. Solid across the board. No real weaknesses. Should hit for some average and some power. Exceptional eye will lead to a multitude of walks. Not the power one looks for in a DH.

5. Einar Lopez (Cheyenne) - 25 years old. Will destroy RH pitching without struggling against LH. Will hit for a great average with above average power. Average eye will lead to a fair share of walks.

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  1. Please . . . why not just list this as the all-DH rankings? I only see one real catcher on this list. Protest . . . protest :)

    Nice work on these rankings. Yet another nice feature of this blog.