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Day Two Trade Analysis by tk21775


Ottawa receives: Paul Hayashi and Phil Gordon

Richmond receives: Rico Dotel , Brian Hasegawa , Timo Blair , Vinny Nippert

The latest deals to get approved happened between two owners who share 14 rings between them. Ottawa found itself wheeling and dealing again as they grabbed 36 year old Phil Gordon and 23 year old Paul Hayashi. Gordon will strengthen the Outlaws bullpen in the later innings of games with his commanding control and great splits. Hayashi will roam CF in AA ball this season and be a terror on the bases when he gets on. The Richmond Rebels find themselves several new players through this acquisition including 30 year old Timo Blair, 23 year old Rico Dotel, 20 year old Vinny Nippert, and 32 year old Brian Hasegawa. Blair looks to eat inning for the Rebels this season in a setup role with 4 nice pitches to go along with avg. splits, Nippert will spend time in the minors developing his bat and defense in CF, Dotel will look to handle the DH spot for the Rebels for seasons to come and Hasegawa will help in the majors either at 3B or RF this season. You have to acknowledge trades that come between such sharp owners in the game.

mlhutch at the press conference told reporters, "It is tough to give up two quality prospects but, as a DH, Dotel wasn't a good fit for a NL franchise and Nippert became redundant with the Kelly trade. To contend this season, we needed to bolster our bullpen and clear some additional cap space to pursue impact FAs. This trade fits both of those objectives.'

Richmond owner train, quickly become a favorite amongst reporters with his comments, had this to say: "I'm going to have to rebuild but I'm lacking prospects. I figured I could use my cap room to take on a bad contract or two, along with a prospect, to help stock the minors. That's essentially what the deal was; I got a couple prospects and took on a couple bad contracts."

Analysis: Both teams looked to have done just what they set out to do with these trades. Ottawa grabbed a great bullpen pitcher in Gordon and freed up roughly $6M with the trades to go after what looks to be an interesting free agency starting tomorrow. Richmond grabbed a couple guys that could fill in this year for the majors and two guys who they can grow in their minors as they continue their rebuilding process.


Richmond Receives: Brant High and Neifi Tomlin

Philadelphia Receives: William Randall , Ringo Parrott , Mark Iannetta

We thought the last deal involving Richmond held some weight between the two owners but Richmond strikes a deal again, this one involving 16 World Series rings between the two negotiators. The Richmond Rebels acquire young P’s Mark Iannetta, Neifi Tomlin, and Brant High from the Philadelphia Freedom in exchange for DH William Randall and P Ringo Parrott. All three arms will help build a rotation for the future for the Rebels, the brightest out of the bunch looking to be 20 year old Tomlin. Freedom gets Randall and his dangerous bat which as long as he stays healthy looks to produce big numbers. Ringo Parrott looks to start out his Freedom career in AAA where he will look to compete for the closer role in the majors in the next season or two.

Both owners were available for comment, with manager train announcing: “This trade was very difficult to make. The guy I gave up can flat out rake, but he's a huge injury concern. My system top to bottom is pretty bare, so my goal with him was to turn him into multiple assets. Admittedly the return did not include a true stud pitcher, but I got three quality ML arms, drastically improving my system. I am a little worried about trading such a powerful bat within the division, but I wasn't going to let that prevent me from making the deal. The Jester74 had this to say about his team’s deal: "The negotiations were friendly, but we thought the deal was dead. In the end we gave up 600+ innings in a season of pitchers for a guy that has equal chances of winning an MVP or going on the 60-Day DL. It's certainly a gamble and even more so since we're in the same division."

Analysis: The deal will all depend on how healthy Randall can remain. No doubt he will put up some huge numbers but not if he’s on the DL. Definitely a trade of high risk/reward probability but with 5 rings of his own you can’t say TheJester74 isn’t aware of that possibility, or that it took some cojones to pull a deal like this off.


Rochester Receives: Wolf Laker and Douglas Hobbes

Florida Receives: Moises Canseco

Not to be outdone on the trading block, Rochester found themselves busy again on day 2 of trading making 2 different deals. The first one sent 26 year old 3B Moises Canseco to the Florida Tropics in exchange for 26 year old power hitting RF Wolf Laker, 22 year old power hitting 3B/RF Douglas Hobbes, and $1M in cash.

Press release from Rochester: “We liked Moises Canseco but wanted to bring in some more power in a few spots in our lineup. In acquiring Wolf and Hobbes we acquired 2 mashers who will hit in the middle of our lineup and provide what we expect to be 35+ homers each.”

Analysis: Florida looks to have obtained a 3B player with a solid bat while the Redbirds focused on obtaining more power in exchange for lower contact batters while filling two roster positions on their ML squad.


Rochester Receives: Logan Putnam, Stan Stephens, and 1.5 million

Atlanta Receives: Trenidad Rincon , Darren Keppel , and Juan Guerrero

The second deal involving Richmond happened with new owner mr_gone and the Atlanta Fightin’ Peach Pits. Richmond finally gets a solid defensive catcher in 23 year old Stan Stephens that they had been actively searching for, as well as 29 year old closer Logan Putnam. Stephens also brings a huge power bat with him as well as an accurate arm and pitch calling ability. Putnam has the control teams like in a closer along with two superb pitches to go with nice splits. Atlanta in exchange nets 20 year old SP Juan Guerrero, 29 year old Trenidad Rincon and 21 year old Darren Keppel. Guerrero looks to be the center piece in this trade for Atlanta, giving them a young SP for their future that has nice control and will do very well against right handed batters along with 3 great pitches. Keppel will either help them out at the 3B position or in RF for the future with a good bat and Rincon will help in their bullpen this season already.

Press conference release from bonk36: “In acquiring Stan Stephens we get ourselves a young strong defensive catcher with some pop, we expect him to start and provide support to our pitching staff. In getting Logan Putnam we acquire one of the premier setup men in this league who can also step in and close. We dealt a couple of good prospects but with our organizational depth felt we could afford it.”

Analysis: With all Richmond’s wheeling and dealing, they’re now a team that looks like they’re ready to compete this season. Stephens should be a great defensive catcher for them for years to come. Atlanta looks to be taking the rebuilding process as they get two nice prospects out of this deal.


Florida Receives: Emmanuel Pavlov

Toronto Receives: Wil Perez and John Wolf

Richmond wasn’t the only team active on day 2 as the Florida Tropics pulled off another deal, this time with the Toronto Beavers. The Tropics locked up their CF position for several years with the acquisition of 25 year old Emmanual Pavlov. He will be dangerous against left-handed batters, a threat on the bases, and cheap for years to come as he looks to enter the majors for the first time in his career this season. For giving up their center fielder, Toronto grabs 25 year old closer Wil Perez and 22 year old C John Wolf. Wolf looks to start his career in Toronto in Low A ball where he’ll be a nice all around C for the Beavers. Perez looks to have been the player Toronto was after in the deal, as the 25 year old will look to take care of the 7th and 8th innings on the big league level this season. He can put the ball wherever he desires and looks to be dominating against right-handed batters and solid against lefties.

Toronto released this statement following the trade: “The Beavers are very excited to introduce the acquisition of Wil Perez who will be a valuable asset to the Beaver's bullpen for years to come. When reached for comment, Perez indicated that he was surprised that he was dealt but stated that he has always been a fan of the Beavers. Look for Perez to be the main man out of the pen in the 7th and 8th innings.”

Analysis: CF was a sought after position this off-season already and Richmond jumped at the chance. They look to have secured that position for their team for several seasons and at a great price. Toronto grabbed a guy who can pitch the 7th and 8th to go along with closer Vic Francisco. If they have the lead when Perez gets to the mound, they should win the majority of those games.

Trade Six

Atlanta Receives: Jackie Bell , Glen Pierce , Grady White

Syracuse Receives: Louis Thurman

New owner mr_gone for the Atlanta Fightin’ Peach Pits, clearly not afraid of more experienced negotiators, jumps into his 2nd trade of the season, this time with the Syracuse Orange. Syracuse lands 29 year old Louis Thurman who looks to handle the CF position for the Orange with a nice bat and outstanding speed. Getting sent over to Atlanta are 22 year old LF Jackie Bell, 25 year old set-up man Glen Pierce, and 20 year old SP prospect Grady White. Bell will handle either LF or 1B for the Pits with quality splits and outstanding power, Pierce looks to be able to handle a set-up role in the majors this season if needed and White will add to the depth of the future pitching for Atlanta.
Owner mcbain10 provided this comment when asked about executing the deal, "Thurman will be an All-Star caliber CF for the next 4 seasons for the Orange."

Analysis: CF was a weakness for many teams looking to contend this year and the Orange grabbed one while he was still available. Atlanta adds a nice bat and a 5th starter or long relief pitcher for their future. C’s may want to watch out when Thurman’s thundering home as he looks like he might play hockey during his offseason.

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