Friday, May 21, 2010

Other Rankings by hurricane384

Most Talented
1. Florida & New Britain 98 pts
3. Seattle 51 pts
4. Rochester 49 pts
5. Philadelphia 46 pts

Most Players Ranked #1
New Britain with 3
Most top-3 players
Florida with 5

Most top-10 players
New Britain with 9

Multiple top-10 players at one position
Florida had the top 2 relievers
Rochester had the 7th and 8th best shortstops
Cincinnati had the 9th and 10th best left fielders
New Britain had the best and 10th best third basemen.

Atlanta is the only team without a top 10 player. But they have 5 players in the top 20 of their positional group.

Top Ten Hitters

1. William Randall
2. Manny Raben
3. Harry Darwin
4. Andres Tabaka
5. Louis Byrne
6. Scott Maurer
7. Bret Maas
8. Bud Sobolewski
9. Ryan Laxton
10. Matty Bailey

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