Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Huge Trade Analysis Update by tk21775

Trade One

Rochester Receives: Trace Sanford

Texas Receives: Fausto James

No stranger to trade negotiations this season, Rochester once again pulled off a deal to send 22 year old CF Fausto James to the Texas Wildcats in exchange for 29 year old SP Trace Sanford. Sanford will jump right in to the #2 role for the Redbirds, giving them a solid 1-2 rotation with Pep Huang and Sanford. The Wildcats, having announced they were looking towards the future this season, will start James down in High A ball where he’ll look to tear up the base path and develop a very nice bat.
Manager bonk36 released a statement on the trade: “Fausto James was our top prospect in our system but at a position where our best player currently resides. We feel he will be an all star for his new team. However we were able to bring in an outstanding starter who will end up being our #2 starter in Trace Sanford who we feel will team to give us one of the strongest 1-2 combinations in all of Billy Beane.”

Analysis: Rochester has been very active in the trade department this off season and grabbed one of the nice pitchers on the market, strengthening their pitching rotation and once again looking to put together a team to make a run this season. Texas has advertised they are looking to move ML talent for prospects for the future of the Wildcats and James looks to be a solid CF when he’s ready to be called up.

Trade Two

Texas Receives: Edge Parker

Pittsburgh Receives: Louie Guiel

Texas, while quiet the first few days, didn’t stay that way for long. Having picked up their CF for the future and grabbing a young SS in another trade, they look to have found their third baseman of the future with 21 year old Edge Parker. Parker will start his career with James in High A ball, where he looks to grow into a nice ML player. In exchange, Texas sent 28 year old Louie Guiel to Pittsburgh where he takes over the 1B position for the Crawfords. Guiel will look to provide some offense in Pittsburgh at the big league level with a solid all around bat.

Owner bigred19 on his trade: “The Craw's were looking for a big bat to fill a need at 1B for a power hitter. We feel we got that in Guiel, and only gave up a prospect in return. One that is a strength in the minors.”

Trade Three

Charleston Receives: Ron Stocker

Columbus Receives: Stan Moran and Willie Dunston

Charleston River Dogs struck a deal with the Columbus Aeros, sending over 22 year old SS Stan Moran and 25 year old closer Willie Dunston in exchange for 22 year old 2B Ron Stocker. Moran will find himself in AAA as he develops his defensive and what will be a nice bat for the SS position while Dunston will take over the closing position in the majors with his accurate control and 2 superb pitches he’ll look to be dominate against righties. Stocker looks to play AAA this season for the River Dogs and he’ll provide some power into their lineup.

Owner anml34 announced at the Aeros press conference: "Giving up Stocker was tough. We thought very highly of him and he was about to get the call to play 2nd base in Columbus. That said, we knew we needed help in the bullpen and couldn't pass up a chance to bring in a quality set up man in Dunston and a solid prospect in Moran."

Hopkinsheel provided us with his insight into the trade: “Anml34 was an extremely tough bargainer and I hated having to give up Dunston on top of Morgan to acquire Stocker, but he said it would be a deal breaker and I finally caved. I think this is an example of a "Fair trade" that made each of us nervous as to what we were giving up, but just as excited as to what we were getting back.”

Trade Four

New Britain Receives: Dave Salmon

New York Receives: Ken Dixon

New Britain strikes their first deal of the young offseason, agreeing to send 21 year old CF prospect Ken Dixon to the New York Highlanders in exchange for 33 year old 3B Dave Salmon and $2.5M in cash. The Highlanders will put Dixon in AAA ball to start out where he’ll develop on his defense and solid split bat. Salmon will take over the 3B position at the big league level for the Rock Cats, providing them a defensive player on the corner who will also be able to knock a few pitches out of the park for them this season.

Owner mikejuggalo explained the deal from his side: “I really felt like we needed a powerful 3bman to anchor the middle of my order. He has an adequate glove and an excellent bat, plus he's signed for 2 seasons and that's probably about as long as my team’s window will be open. It was worth giving up the CF prospect.”

Trade Five

New York Receives: Javier Romano and Quinton Daniels

Toronto Receives: Sherman Feldman and Luis Alvarez

Toronto Beavers owner mtorabdaddy worked out a deal with the New York Highlanders and owner abesmem that brought 21 year old SP prospect Sherman Feldman and 25 year old C Luis Alvarez to Toronto and 20 year old SP Quinton Daniels and 20 year old prospect Javier Romano to New York. Romano will start his career in AAA for the Highlanders where he looks like he’ll turn into a solid 3B for them. Daniels will also start out in AAA and while his stamina and control are excellent, his splits look like he’ll finish out his career in AAA. Feldman will begin his development in High A and could become a very solid ML SP some day with accurate control and nice splits along with solid pitches.

Mtorabdaddy told reporters: “Sherman Feldman is one of those arms. Equipped with the potential for + control and 3 Major League pitches, he should be a fixture in the Beaver rotation for years to come.”

Abesmem took a minute with reports to discuss his strategy in the two trades: “OK, well the team that was created for me was exactly wrong for the stadium we play in. Looked like a bunch of big, slow guys, that couldn't stretch a single into a double, ever. The organizational pitching was real poor. So I did want to change the organizational make up without killing what pitching I had. I had several offers for Feldman, but pulled the trigger on this deal due to the fact that I was getting Daniels back. I really like Daniels due to his endurance and control. He is a few points lower than Feldman in overall rating, but I like him better. I need guys who will give me good innings to keep the bullpen intact. In Romano I get a real good 2B (I'll move him from SS) with some speed and defense. Both hitters I got back give me real good batting eye ratings, which I like, and get me younger with better speed and defense. I had to give up a real good 3B, but I think I'm better of in the long run. The fact that both deals became available at the same time, made the overall change to the organization worth it, in my eyes.”

Trade Six

Jackson Receives: Hank Perry

Columbus Receives: Eddie Black

Columbus wasn’t finished trading after they got done with Charleston, this time working out a deal with the Jackson Mallards. The Aeros picked up 24 year old Eddie Black who will take over 2B at the big league level this season and be intimidating against C’s with his speed. The Mallards will receive 24 year old SP Hank Perry as compensation for Black, who will start out in AAA. He’s got nice splits and 3 great pitches to offset lower control and will be interesting to see what type of numbers he will produce for the Mallards.

Columbus owner anml34 was quoted saying: "After moving Stocker in a previous deal it was a must that we find a quality 2nd baseman. We think we found that in Black. With Alex Estalella in the system we felt comfortable that we had enough depth moving Perry."

Owner quackup on why he made the deal: “I noticed I was dead last in the Franchise Rankings for AL pitching. I'm hoping Hank Perry can make a difference...”

Trade Seven

Richmond Receives: Ray Sisk and 5 million

Little Rock Receives: Mat Nelson

Another active team in trading this offseason, the Richmond Rebels agreed to a deal with the Little Rock Swampfire. Richmond will receive 30 year old SP Ray Sisk who will move into the #1 spot for the Rebels this season in the majors. Sisk has outstanding control, 2 exceptional pitches and will be feared amongst right handed hitters. 19 year old Mat Nelson will begin his career with the Swampfire in AA ball, developing his arm in a major league weapon. If he hits his projections he will be a very nice pitcher for Little Rock in the long relief role.

Owner train gave his thoughts on making the deal: “The deal with LR was to fill a gaping hole in my rotation. Even after that deal, and a subsequent deal with Colorado Springs for a starter, I'm still one short. Gave up a prospect with a power arm in the deal, but my need was too great to pass up the opportunity.”

Lefty32: “The Sisk trade was basically experience for youth”

Trade Eight

Richmond Receives: Victor Corpas

Atlanta Receives: Ernie Spencer , Brant High , and Arnold Saunders

The other big trade involving Richmond involved the Atlanta Fightin’ Peach Pits. Richmond receives 25 year old Victor Corpas who will start out in the big leagues where he’s expected to hit lead-off and tear up the base paths. Atlanta will receive 23 year old RF Ernie Spencer, 20 year old SP Brant High, and 23 year old RF Arnold Saunders. E. Spencer will jump right into the pros, bringing along a solid bat and the durability to play nearly all the time; Saunders will begin in AA where he looks more suited to play LF with a nice bat; and High will start out in Low A where he’ll look to develop into a #5 starter or long relief pitcher for the future.

Richmond manager train spoke on the negotiations: “The ATL deal was to acquire a contact/speed guy who will hopefully reach base enough to sit at the top of my lineup. Corpas will replace Spencer, who was part of the deal, as one of my starting COF. mr_gone did a solid negotiating job and I ended up paying a bit more than I had wanted, but I'm still pleased with the outcome.”

Atlanta’s manager was unavailable for comment at the time of press.

Trade Nine

Cheyenne Receives: Donatello Burkett

Florida Receives: Bud Sobolewski and 3 million

The Cheyenne Gunslingers worked out a deal with the Florida Tropics that sends 32 year old LF Bud Sobolewski and $3M cash over for 20 year old RF Donatello Burkett. Sobolewski will be penciled in as the Tropics opening day LF and provides them with a strong batter both in power and contact. Bud does come with a $5.8M 3 year contract for his services which looks like Cheyenne was trying to get out of. Burkett will be sent to High A ball this season as he develops, looking to be a speedy RF who will be inserted into the lineups with a lefty on the mound.

Cheyenne owner byers61 was quoted on the trade: “I was looking to trade Bud Sobolewski to a team that can compete right now, as he is age 32 and will be over the hill by the time I can make a playoff run. Trading him turned out to a little tougher than planned, as he kept pulling out his no trade clause. I was finally able to work a fair deal with the Tropics, where I picked up a promising prospect in RF Donatello Burkett . My advance scout projects him to 78 with some power and 100 speed.”

Florida manager ajwalton gave his thoughts on what the trade did for them: “The Tropics were looking to add a big lefty bat in the middle of the lineup and are extremely happy to have landed Sobolewski. We liked Burkett's combination of power and speed for the future, but felt that Sobolewski can provide us with the production we're looking for today.”

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