Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting to know tk21775?

Who is tk21775? 28 yr. old insurance agent, father of 4 kids

How did you get into HBD? Started playing HD and then found HBD

Interest and hobbies? Watching sports, playing with my kids, reading

Favorite team? Michigan Wolverines

5 people for roundtable discussion? Michael Jordan, Julius Ceasar, Warren Buffet, Bo Schembechler, and Jesus

Question/Tip that has something to do with HBD (How to you allocate your budget, draft, etc.) I like to pencil in my rosters for the next 3 seasons. This way I have an idea of who I have coming up to fill holes for my ML roster, who I could let go in free-agency, and where I have multiple players at one position to try and trade. Looking towards the future always helps in budget during the current season as well.

Important individual ratings for performance? Control for pitchers

Best move you think you've ever made in HBD? Joining NCAA world, I was in public worlds to begin and this was the one world where I saw how much fun HBD could be with no drama and immaturity; set the standards for what worlds I look to play in now.

Worst move you think you've ever made in HBD? Probably any of the first trades I made in my first season

Favorite HBD player?
In Billy Beane: Wendell Matusz hits a 2 run walk off home run in the first game of Las Vegas Bookies history in the bottom of the 9th to record 1st win for the franchise.

In rest of HBD: Ching-Lung Komatsu

Top prospect that you're excited to call up in Billy Beane? - Alan Sherman - if this kid can reach his projections then he'll be a dominate #1 SP for the Bookies for many seasons to come.

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