Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hitting Records That Might Fall

Yorman Chavez - S1 - 59


Douglas Hobbes (ROC) - 49
With his team being 6.0 games in the lead for the second wildcard, but only 5.0 games out from the division title, Hobbes does not look to get much, if any, rest for the remainder of the season. Hitting a home run every 10.9 ABs and having anywhere from 120-140 ABs left gives Hobbes a very good chance at breaking this record.
Projection: 60

Edgar Lucano (CHR) - 48
Lucano's team resides in the worst division in Billy Beane, yet it is a dogfight for the division title with all 4 teams within 7.0 games of first. There will be no rest for this guy and it bodes well for him. With a home run every 11.3 ABs and about 120 ABs remaining, he's likely to tie the old record.
Projection: 59

Morgan Johnson - S1 - 168

Hobbes (ROC)- 135
Hobbes is averaging an RBI every 3.95 ABs and with about 120 ABs remaining, it is not likely that he breaks the record, but should take over the #2 spot in the record books.
Projection: 166

Eddie Lloyd (CH2) - 129
With an RBI every 4.18 ABs and about 120 or so ABs available in the season, Lloyd has an outside chance at this record. What works in his favor is that his team is locked in a very close divisional race and he should see playing time until the end.
Projection: 158

Andres Hernandez - S1 - 81

Alfredo Arias (TOR) - 71/80
Toiling on the last-place team in the best division in the world, Arias and his Beavers still have a shot at the wild-card slot, so he likely won't see much rest, if at all. He is very likely to be the record holder at the end of the season.
Projection: 87

Victor Corpas (TOR) - 66/71
See above regarding his team. He hasn't run as much, and is less likely to break this record.
Projection: 80

Quentin Metcalfe (CSP) - 63/67
8 games out with 30 to go is a long road to hoe, and it's unlikely his team will make up that difference, yet with no young CFer's to get a look at, he's likely going to play out the season at his 94% success rate of stealing bases. He's got an outside shot at getting this record.
Projection: 77

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