Friday, January 7, 2011

Pitching Records That Might Fall

This season, there are 3 records that are likely to fall. We will take a look at those records.

ERA - Kenshin Ogawa - S2 - 2.04

Roberto Beltre (LAA) - 1.87
Although he hasn't had a full season, he still qualifies to hold the record at the end of this season. With roughly 6 starts remaining, he can still give up 11 earned runs in 38 innings and still break the record. There is a very good chance that this record falls for the 2nd straight season.

WHIP - Kenshin Ogawa - S2 - 0.92

Roberto Beltre (LAA) - 0.90
With about 38 innings left for Beltre this season, there is a very good chance that this record falls again. He can allow 37 baserunners in his 38 innings and still break the record.

Sid Richard (LA) - 0.95
Richard is in a tough order for him to be the record-holder, he not only has to allow fewer than 33 baserunners in approximately 43 innings, but he has to hope that Beltre really slides backwards during his remaining innings. He likely will not be the record holder at the end of the season.

SAVES - Jim Phillips - S1 - 49

Randy Murray (LAA) - 45
Even though his team pretty much has the division in hand and are in the driver's seat for the 1st round bye, there's still a chance of securing the #1 seed in the NL, so he should still see plenty of chances. He has saved 54% of his team's victories. You are likely looking at our new record-holder here.
Projection - 55

Phillips (NB) - 44
Considering he's on a contender, he's very likely to break this record. He's saved 52% of his teams wins this season. If they continue at their current pace, he's going to break his own record with room to spare.
Projection - 53

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