Saturday, January 25, 2014

World Series Preview

#1 Seattle Redhooks (99 – 63) vs #2 New Orleans Zydeco (96 – 66)

How they got here.

Seattle – After Seattle’s first round be they went and swept a very good New Britain team. In the American League Championship series Seattle beat a good Florida team in 6 games. Now as they take on New Orleans one has to wonder if there continued poor post season hitting will come back to haunt them.

New Orleans – After a first round bye New Orleans came out and they swept Atlanta in the 2nd round. New Orleans appeared to be overmatched in the National League Championship series as they dropped the first three games. Then New Orleans pulled off the unthinkable breaking the hearts of fans throughout Ottawa as they decisively won Game 7 to move onto the World Series.

Tale of the Tape

#1 Seattle Redhooks (99 – 63)

Regular Season>

Offensively Seattle hit .266 for the season as a team which put them above the combined League average of .256. The team ERA for the season was 3.44 which was the best of both Leagues and well below the combined League ERA average of 4.14

Post Season

Offensively Seattle has been terrible in the Post Season hitting a paltry .223, 3rd worst in the entire post season. On the other end of the spectrum is the pitching as Seattle brings in the best Post Season ERA at 1.78.

#2 New Orleans Zydeco (96 – 66)

Regular Season Offensively New Orleans hit .258 for the season which put them slightly above the combined League Average of .256. The team ERA for the season was 3.67 which was below the combined League ERA average of 4.14.

Post Season

Offensively New Orleans is hitting .251 which isn’t too far removed from their regular season average. The team ERA for the Post Season is a respectable 3.60.

Edge: New Orleans. Yes, I realize that I’m going against my belief that pitching is what wins the in play offs. Seattle is living proof of that concept but their meager batting average throughout the playoffs is my biggest concern. Can their bats wake up and finally compliment their awesome post season pitching staff and if not can their pitching staff continue to pitch them to victory? I’ve got to believe that if their bats can’t wake up then New Orleans will take the series.

New Orleans on the other hand just came back from an 0-3 deficit to get here which didn’t do any favors for the fatigue that the team has been dealing with. If New Orleans can continue to hit and their pitching staff can pitch like they did the last 4 games they have a solid shot of taking the series. New Orleans has to avoid poor start to the series because should they go down 0-2 or even 0-3 and Seattle finds a way to start hitting and magic in New Orleans may come to abrupt end.

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