Monday, July 8, 2013

S13 Draft Quotes

Sorry guys, I ran out of time to post anything in-depth, but here are the guys who got me quotes.

Las Vegas Bookies
Not very happy with Mr. Putz, he was our 8th selection and got him with the 12th pick; was really hoping to get someone in our top 5 as after that it dropped off from what we could see. He'll be able to throw in the 9th but that's about it.

Los Angeles Entertainers
Kip Costello Round 1, Pick #2. Projects solid stamina, control and splits and above average velocity. Pitches are not outstanding, but 4 of 5 project over 55. Health is a slight concern. Hopefully a middle of the rotation guy for a long time.
Albie Mujica Round 1, Pick #10. Was hoping one of the hitters taken in the top would fall, but not unhappy with Mujica. Health is a mild concern. Projects to outstanding control, and 3 of 4 above average pitches. Hopefully again a solid middle of the rotation guy for years to come.

New Orleans Zydeco
The New Orleans front office is thrilled with the selection of Shannon Williams. If he lives up to expectations, he will be a workhorse with outstanding control of five pitches. He should be murder on right-handed hitters. Although he has a strong makeup, he can be injury-prone. The main question mark is whether he'll be able to remain healthy. If he can, he could be an all-star level pitcher.

Charleston River Dogs
Pick 11 - This was a loaded draft at the top so we actually had Dickson ranked 6th. Extremely happy he dropped to us and we feel like he is a guy who could have gone top 5 in a weaker draft. We project him as a #2 SP if not possibly an ace specifically because of his strong splits and #1 pitch. The one area of concern will be his health which is a tad lower than someone we'd normally invest so much in, but we couldn't pass up the talent.

Pick 27 - A little background on this pick. It was a comp pick from last season where we ended up not signing the guy we chose so we earned this choice in Season 13's draft. We originally had several players ranked higher than Small that we could have chosen, but they were all signability risks. Since we would have completely lost the choice if that happened, we inched up several players who were not signability concerns and thus we landed Small. We acually really like him as a Catching prospect. Typically our organization targets great hitting, marginal fielding Catchers, but Small is an awesome fielding catcher with a little pop in his bat. Should be interesting to watch him develop.

New York Highlanders
The Highlanders are very happy signing Dwight Overbeck with the 16th overall pick. We’ll probably move Dwight over to second base where throwing arm will not be a detriment. He has a great glove, adequate range and should be durable enough to be an everyday player. The major upside for Dwight is his bat. He makes good contact, has very good power and great splits against both righties and southpaws. At 21, he has very advanced skills and will start out in AA ball. He could be in the majors in 2 years or less.

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