Friday, August 10, 2012

Top Free Agents

1.       Jean Leonard
Top-notch power and contact, he struggles with consistently driving the ball. Not much for calling games, but can throw a runner out.
2.       Vladimir Osoria
An offensive player, he dominates LHP and has solid power, contact, and vsR. Good eye. Weak defensively.
3.       Darrell Garciaparra
Another solid offensive player who dominates LHP, he struggles against RHP. Calls a decent game, but lacks a good arm. Good durability, but has health concerns.

First Base
1.       Jamey Petkovsek
One of the better offensive players available, he doesn’t have many weaknesses, but isn’t truly elite with any of his ratings.
2.       Bret Maas
Great contact, and is better against RHP. Good eye. Solid all-around offensively. Really weak defensively, ideal DH candidate.
3.       Rico Dotel
Solid offensive player with a great eye. Has a strong arm for a 1B/DH, but doesn’t have the range.

Second Base
1.       Amos Cole
Lacks ideal range, but will make plays on the balls he gets to. Won’t carry a team offensively, but shouldn’t embarrass them either.
2.       Santo Guerrero
Good range and solid glove, but a weak arm. He won’t carry a team on offense. Could be a candidate for a utilityman.
3.       Darrel Lawrence
Isn’t very good defensively, with a weak, inaccurate arm and lacking the range or glove to make a difference. Hangs his hat on his power. Struggles with RHP.

Third Base
1.       Matt McKnight
Solid defensively. Decent speed. He’s not going to carry you offensively, but makes good contact with a decent eye and some power.
2.       Steven Griffin
Dominates LHP and won’t be embarrassed against RHP. Average power, contact, and eye. Lacks ideal range, but makes up for it with a good glove and accurate arm.
3.       Louis Taylor
Hits LHP better than RHP and is solid offensively. Has a top-notch glove and accurate arm, but struggles with his range and getting much on the throw.

1.       Corey Byrd
Great at making contact with some good power, he makes his hay against LHP. Struggles mightily against RHP. Great eye. Slow as molasses, but is a good defender.
2.       Mike Payne
Solid offensively, he hits LHP better than RHP. Lacks ideal range and glove, but can be solid in a pinch.
3.       Gio Jacquez
Will make a lot of contact, but doesn’t drive the ball real well. Decent eye. His range isn’t great, but he has a strong arm and good glove.

Left Field
1.       Ron Stocker
Average at making contact he has good power. He’s a solid defender, able to get to most balls and make the play too. Great eye.
2.       Albert Garces
Solid across the board, Garces can definitely work the count with his great eye. Solid defensively, but won’t be mistaken for a defensive juggernaut either.
3.       Jackie Bell
Good power and good against RHP, he’s got an average eye. Not good defensively.

Center Field
1.       Hector Milligan
Lacks ideal range but has a solid glove. He hits for a good average, with average power. Solid at driving the ball. Solid eye.
2.       Bunny Cashner
Not the ideal range, but a good glove. Good speed and baserunning instincts. Makes lots of contact and is really good against RHP. Average eye.
3.       Trenidad Cruz
Good range and glove with a very good, strong arm. Doesn’t excel offensively, but is very fast.

Right Field
1.       Jorge Marichal
Very good against RHP and a good eye, he’s solid offensively. Might be one of the best defensive RF I’ve seen with good range and a tremendous arm.
2.       Matty Bailey
Makes his name offensively. Doesn’t strike out much and will walk quite a bit. Good glove defensively, but everything else is average to below average.
3.       Abdullah Peterson
Drives the ball well, when he makes contact. Weak defensively but has a solid arm.

1.       Alex Estalella
A LHP who has 3 high quality pitches to go along with great control. Doesn’t have the ideal velocity, but does induce some GBs. Keeps the ball out of the hitting zone on a consistent basis.
2.       Erick Stone
Good control, better against RHB than LHB. Will strike out a lot of guys with his high velocity. Has 4 very quality pitches.
3.       Roberto Beltre
Good control. Solid at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Will not get a lot of groundballs. Solid 1-3 pitches. Lacks the velocity for that high-leverage strikeout.

1.       Alfredo Miranda
Has tremendous control and dominates RHB. Great pitches 1-2, but weak 3&4. Good velocity. Lacks the ideal durability and stamina.
2.       Carlos Cervantes
Isn’t great at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone, but does not walk many. Has some pitches, but doesn’t have great velocity.
3.       Vic Francisco
Good stamina/durability combination. Keeps the ball out of the hitting zone. Doesn’t have that one dominating pitch. Lacks velocity. Good control.

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