Friday, March 16, 2012

Season 8 Draft Review

1.       RF Michel Miro (LA)
One of the better power hitters in the draft, Miro is average at making contact. He’s got a good eye and solid splits. He’s got decent durability. Good range, poor glove, and a very good arm for RF.
crb2 says: Michel Miro probably wasn't the sexiest overall number 1 pick. I would have preferred to grab a future star up the milddle. But factoring in both the potential and where he is right now, I felt that when all was said and done he would achieve the highest ratings of any position player in the draft.
hurricane384’s take: Miro is going to be a good player, although his contact is going to hold him back some…still a very good pick here.
2.       SS Robert Miller (MNT)
Solid across the board defensively. Above average contact and power. Dominates LHP, solid against RHP. Fast and durable with a good eye.
tbone66 says: Robert Miller should be a decent hitter and should have good defense but maybe not as a SS
hurricane384’s take: I like Miller. He might never win a gold glove, but he definitely will compete for a silver slugger should he hit his projections.
3.       LF Houston Reese (NY2)
Below average against RHP and a below average eye. Tremendous contact and power. Good against LHP. Lacks ideal glove, but decent range and arm. Durable and fast.
abesmem says: Well, I really love my first pick (3rd overall). I had Houston Reese rated number 1 on my board. He projects to be the best hitter I've ever had with power(93 projected), a 100 rating on contact, 98 speed, great glove for 1B and very solid on all the intangibles. Very happy with the pick. He's starting out in Low A ball.
hurricane384’s take: I would like to see his vRH and eye be higher, but taken as a whole, this is a good pick.
4.       2B Bob Jones (ELP)
Lacks ideal range, glove, and arm for 2B. Good power, good splits, good eye. Durable and fast.
BastanRedsox says: He was 2nd on my draft board, prob going to be a left fielder for me. Nice power/speed combo that will be a high avg guy from .290-.320. Overall a solid major leaguer but not a star to build around.
hurricane384’s take: Bastan is right, he’s going to have to go to the corners, but you’re not giving up anything offensively by doing that.
5.       SS Steve Piper (FLA)
Good contact, solid power and splits. Solid eye. Lacks ideal range and arm accuracy, but has a great glove and a strong arm.
ajwalton says: Florida was happy to pick up their both their top-rated position player and their top-rated pitcher with the 5th and 13th pick. Piper looks like he'll have a long career as a ML shortstop.
hurricane384’s take: Piper doesn’t have the defense I like at SS, but with his offense it’d be worth playing him there.
6.       2B William Buckner (CLB)
Good range, good glove. Solid arm. Very fast. Durable. Great contact, good power, good eye. Splits are average.
anml34 says: I was glad to get bill Buckner with my first pick although scouting says he might be a fielding liability.
hurricane384’s take: I’d plug Buckner in at CF and be very happy for 10 seasons.
7.       LHP Buzz Stechschulte (LR)
Great control, good stamina/durability. Good splits. 3 good pitches. Ground ball pitcher. Lacks velocity.
nesman says: If he hits his projections, should make a solid # 3, maybe # 2 starter. Will eat a lot of innings with his high stamina projection.
hurricane384’s take: For being the #7 pick, this is a high quality pick.
8.       SS Dante Crummack (PHI)
Unsigned. I’ll turn it over to russ33b for his comments.
russ33b says: Overall, the Freedom are content with their first round draft pick, but not ecstatic. With the team owner out of town for from the time the players declared for the draft until after the picks were made the whole job was left to the GM. At least he didn't completely blow it. I would have taken any of the 3 guys taken after me before I took Crummack though. Supposing Dante Crummack gets his act together and decides to sign... he should end up as our 2b or 3b of the future. He'll never be an everyday player... probably 120-130 starts or so a year, but he has some decent plate skills. The highlight of the draft actually appears to be Peter Gray all the way in the 6th round. If he turns out to be what my scouts think he will... he's a huge steal for so late of a pick.
9.       C A.J. Dupler (OTT)
Good arm. Solid game-caller. Great contact, good power. Dominates LHP, solid against RHP. Fast for a C. Lacks ideal durability. Good eye.
mlhutch says: I had him pegged as the 3rd best position player in the draft. I value defense and Dupler's combination of defense and bat put him high on the list. His durability will limit him somewhat but he will be a great everyday player. I put a premium on the catcher position for an NL team so he is another critical piece for the Ottawa resurgence.
hurricane384’s take: Good pick. Durability is a concern, but his offense is worth figuring it out.
10.   LHP Patrick Moore (NB)
Very good splits. Great control. Great velocity and groundball ability. Very good pitch combination. Good stamina/durability.
mikejuggalo had no comment.
hurricane384’s take: Hate taking RP here, but it’s a very good pick, so it should be worth it.
11.   LF Shawn Brooks (CLE)
12.   RHP Ed Watkins (PIT)
Lacks control. Good stamina/durability. Good velocity. Good GB. Splits are good. Good pitch combination.
cbf88 had no comment.
hurricane384’s take: If his control gets to where it is projected, this could pay off big-time as he has the talent to be a good pitcher.
13.   P John Robinson (FLA)
Has an average pitch combination. Lacks ideal stamina. Good control. Good splits. Great velocity. Decent GB.
ajwalton says:
Robinson should be a solid 2-3 starter.
hurricane384’s take: Solid pick, not flashy. Could be a good pitcher though.
14.   P Cristian McCartney (ATL)
Solid pitch combination. Good control. Good splits. GB pitcher. Good velocity.
mr_gone had no comment.
hurricane384’s take: This is another solid pick.
15.   P Dennis Rigdon (CHY)
Lacks ideal control. Decent stamina/durability. Solid splits. Great velocity. Solid pitch combination. GB pitcher.
byers61 says: Rigdon has average control, but the rest of the numbers look good: great splits, velocity, and three decent pitches. His stamina says he will serve best as a long reliever/spot starter.
hurricane384’s take: You’re getting to the point in the 1st round where you can’t be pick. Rigdon will likely have some outstanding seasons as a LR and other seasons where his lack of control gets the best of him.
16.   1B Archie Van Hatten (TEX)
elixerr says: he still needs to sign, then depending on how much the projections go down because of the stupid rule of not being able to max out scouting budgets when you take over a team. He could be an absolute stud hitter or a run of the mill LF. Time will tell
17.   P Ajax Rolls (ARI)
Good stamina/durability. Great control. Solid splits. Good pitch combination. Lacks velocity. Solid GB.
cincystephen says: I had him rated 5th on my board. I thought the pitching was week from what i could see, but i'm a Pitching, pitching, pitching kind of guy. Not the best verse lefties, but good control, good vs righties and four good pitches with the first pitch scouting telling me it will be around 90. very good make up and patience telling me he should develop close to my high school scouts projects for an 18 year old. I think he will be a solid starter for a 17th pick.
hurricane384’s take: I like this pick. He could be a definite contributor.
18.   CF Dario Kennedy (TOR)
Good range and glove. Good durability. Solid contact, power. Solid splits and eye. Decent speed.
mtorabdaddy had no comment.
hurricane384’s take: I’d love to have this guy in my system with this pick. He could lock down the CF position defensively and not hurt the team on offense.
19.   P P.T. Mesa (CH2)
Lacks ideal durability, but has good stamina. Great control. Good splits. Good velocity. Good GB pitcher. Great pitch combination.
mamidu says: Very excited about getting Mesa at #19. I feel that he can be a future #1. He has 1 dominate pitch a very good one and 2 above average ones. His splits aren't great, but his great control should make up for that with his velocity and he is a ground ball pitcher to boot.
hurricane384’s take: Good job with this pick. Mesa could definitely be good down the road.
20.   C Lenny Flores (SEA)
Doesn’t have ideal arm accuracy, but a decent arm strength. Lacks ideal durability. Average game caller. Great power. Good contact. Dominates LHP. Average against RHP. Great eye.
gerald007 had no comment.
hurricane384’s take: He’s a good hitter, who misses on the ability to be completely elite due to his relative inability to hit RHP.
21.   P Johnny Miller (JAC)
Good durability/stamina. Great control, velocity, and GB. Solid pitch combination. Solid against LHB, struggles against RHB.
quackup says: I'd be happier if his lefty/righty splits were stronger, but he has excellent control, especially for a groundball pitcher. We'll see what develops...
hurricane384’s take: Miller has potential, but the vsR scares me.
22.   CF Douglas Sutcliffe (LAA)
Lacks ideal arm and range. Average power, struggles at making contact. Solid against LHP but struggles against RHP. Decent eye. Good speed and durability.
allright says: He should find a comfortable Big League niche as a bottom of the order hitter with better than average defensive skills and below average leadership potential. His age and college background should have him ready for the Big Show within three seasons.
hurricane384’s take: I can’t really find a whole lot to say. I wish he excelled in one aspect of the game.
23.   P Darren Brumbaugh (CSP)
Lacks ideal control. Solid stamina/durability. Good splits. Good velocity. Good pitch combination.
joekendall had no comment.
hurricane384’s take: If his control were better this would be an absolute steal. For now though, he’s going to be a frustrating player.
24.   P Tom Craig (CLB)
Decent pitch combination. Good stamina/durability. Good splits. Lacks velocity. Decent GB pitcher.
anml34 says: The pitcher I got late in the first was at number 9 on my big board so I was happy with the value there.
hurricane384’s take: I’d be throwing the party of the century to have landed this guy with this late of a pick. Not an ace, but a solid pitcher.
25.   P Hersh Carson (CHR)
Good durability/stamina. Great pitch combination. Great splits and velocity. Great control.
hopkinsheel says: River Dogs Management are pretty pleased that Carson was available when they picked late in the first round. Although we wish he threw more ground balls, his combination of splits, pitches, control, and velocity make him a prime closing prospect down the road. We feel like we got great value here.
hurricane384’s take: This is a great value pick. Not a whole lot to say here other than he’s going to give up some dingers.
26.   CF Flash Baker (NO)
Good range, weak glove. Solid arm. Good speed. Good splits. Durable. Solid contact. Average power. Solid eye.
balance71 says:
Flash Baker projects to be an outstanding defensive second baseman, with extraordinary range and an outstanding glove. His versatility as a defender is limited by his unremarkable arm, but he could be outstanding in CF and LF, too. He projects to be a solid hitter with a good eye and strong baserunning skills. Unfortunately, his penchant for fascist political theory and the dance moves of Justin Bieber may diminish his popularity in the clubhouse.
hurricane384’s take: Good pick. Glove might not develop as much as I would like.
27.   P Steve Olson (LOU)
Solid stamina/durability combo. Good splits. Good velocity. Solid pitch combo. GB pitcher. Lacks ideal control.
hurricane384 says: I’m happy to land Olson this late. Might not be a #1, but definitely should develop into a good #2 or #3.
hopkinsheel’s take: Solid selection this late in the first round. Wish his control projected higher, but with decent splits and a big #1 pitch, he should be a part of the Louisville rotation eventually, even if its towards the back end.
28.   2B Sammy Lopez (HON)
Durable. Good power. Solid contact. Good splits. Decent eye. Average range. Weak arm.
bighead34 had no comment.
hurricane384’s take: Definitely a solid pick up this late. Could be a gold glove COF who can hit pretty well too.
29.   3B Dallas Shields (LV)
Lacks ideal glove or range. Durable. Strikes out a ton. Good power. Dominates LHP. Good against RHP. Good eye.
tk21775 says: Probably more of a RF than a 2B, has some power and should hit well against lefties.
hurricane384’s take: Even though his contact is low, this is a good value pick this deep into the draft.
30.   P Nick Sveum (ROC)
Lacks ideal control, decent stamina/durability. Good splits. Throws hard. Great pitch combination.
bonk36: Nick Sveum is a good value pick late in the draft, we believe he can be a #4 starter when he matures and was willing to sign for below slot which was important due to budget constraints.
hurricane384’s take: This is a solid pick this late. I would like to see more groundballs out of him.
31.   CF Damon Clark (ATL)
Lacks ideal range or glove. Durable. Makes great contact. Little power. Good splits. Good eye. Fast.
mr_gone had no comment.
hurricane384’s take: Although I wouldn’t play him in CF, he could be a pretty good COF if you’re willing to forgo power out of those positions.
32.   P Jesse Salazar (CIN)
Solid pitch combo. Good durability/stamina. Good splits. Lacks ideal velocity.
cmthieme says: Another ho-hum setup guy that reminds you why it sucks to pick at the end of the round in a shallow draft pool.
hurricane384’s take: Can’t really argue with cmthieme here.

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