Friday, August 12, 2011

Top 50 Free Agents

  1. RHP Alfredo Miranda (SEA; 4/$24.0M)
    A good deal on a RP who is going to be dominant when he makes appearances and although his DUR is low, his STA will allow him to pitch multiple innings when he does pitch.
  2. LHP Nick Offerman (HON; 5/$78.2M)
    Paid an awful lot of money for Offerman, but he’s a RP who can dominate batters for 90+ games and 140+ innings. He’s only 31, so he should have plenty of dominant seasons left.
  3. RHP Spud Clarke (ARI; 2/$23.0M)
    Clarke is going to give you some innings and some very good innings at that, but is he worth $11.5M/year?
  4. RHP Abdul Helton (LOU; 1/$5.2M)
    Helton is a great addition to any bullpen, but his DUR/STA combination is going to hold him back some from fulfilling his true potential. LOU overpaid to get him in their BP.
  5. RHP Steve Hudek (CH2; 2/$13.6M)
    Although Hudek has low STA, his DUR will allow him to make multiple appearances. This is a very good signing.
  6. LHP Sal Baker (ARI; 2/$13.2M)
    Although Sal projects as a LR, he’s a very good LR. He’ll give you innings and be a shutdown RP to bridge the gap from the starter to the CL.
  7. LHP Mark Bang (unsigned)
  8. RHP Logan Putnam (ATL; 2/$10.1M)
    Putnam’s splits aren’t as good as one would like, but his other talents more than make up for that and he should really help out Atlanta.
  9. RHP Gill Bechler (RIC; 3/$7.6M)
    To be able to get away with paying Bechler an average of ~$2.5M/year is highway robbery. Even though he’s not as dominant as others on the listed, he’s still very good.
  10. RHP Lawrence Schultz (CLE; 1/$3.2M)
    RP are a fickle bunch, one season they are dominant and the next they stink…This signing protects CLE from having this happen to them.
  11. RF Javier Lucano (NO; 4/$19.2M)
    The best position player in FA, Lucano has a strong arm, hits for contact and has a good eye. His deficiency is LHP. Actually paid less for a better (IMO) RF.
  12. LHP Norberto Dotel (PHI; 5/$57.5M)
    This is a good deal as Dotel still has some years left to contribute and shouldn’t start a decline for a while. If he does decline, he’ll be hard to move.
  13. RF Bruce Cambridge (CH2; 3/$21.0M)
    A little more power, and better against LHP than #11 Lucano, Cambridge gives way to him based on an eye that is not quite as sharp.
  14. RHP Joseph Lee (ATL; 2/$9.9M)
    Lee is older, and isn’t as dominant as he could be, but he’s still good and has 2 good pitches that help him to offset his splits.
  15. 1B Torey Acosta (LOU; 1/$1.1M)
    To get the #1 1B at $1.4M below his asking price is a pretty good deal. He doesn’t hit for the prototypical power, but he should make lots of contact and reach base a lot.
  16. LHP Milt Benton (unsigned)
  17. RHP Brian Zhou (unsigned)
  18. LHP Mark Tomko (unsigned)
  19. LHP Michael Fischer (unsigned)
  20. RHP Howard Lyon (LA; 1/$4.2M)
    Has the stamina and durability combination to be able to survive as a SP, but would likely provide more impact out of the bullpen. Still a very good pitcher at a reasonable price.
  21. RHP Pablo Cruz (CLB; 1/$1.9M)
    A solid pitcher who has two very good pitches and superior control. Lacks great stamina. The price was right here though.
  22. 1B Morgan Johnson (MNT; 5/$23.5M)
    Doesn’t have the prototypical power that you look for at 1B, nor great contact to offset that, but he drives the ball well and can work the count.
  23. LHP Johnny Burks (ARI; 1/$2.8M)
    He’d be higher if he had better pitches, but his splits should still help make him close to dominant.
  24. LHP Fonzie Becker (JAC; 5/$81.0M)
    The #2 SP on the market, Becker got paid. The question is when and how bad his decline will be. It’s really a 4-year deal with an unlikely to be exercised mutual option.
  25. RHP Bill Washington (OTT; 1/$4.0M)
    A good pitcher, who would likely be a better starter than reliever, he is versatile.
  26. 1B Bud Sobolewski (LOU; 1/$1.6M)
    Lacks the power you look for in a 1B, but has the range to spend some time in LF should the need arise.
  27. RHP Bobby Davis (unsigned)
  28. LF Paulie Williams (LOU; 1/$3.2M)
    Makes great contact, although the power is a little low for a COF. He has a great eye, but won’t be a great defender.
  29. LHP John Tomlinson (unsigned)
  30. 3B Steven Griffin (CSP; 4/$38.0M)
    A solid signing as Griffin can field what he gets to and will drive the ball well and hit for some power.
  31. RHP Carlos Melendez (CLE; 2/$8.0M)
    Doesn’t have tremendous control, but is solid across the board.
  32. LHP Glen Pierce (unsigned)
  33. SS Karim Mendoza (TEX; 3/$17.4M)
    The top SS on the market, Mendoza won’t embarrass himself at the plate and immediately solidifies an important position.
  34. DH Souta Park (CLE; 3/$17.4M)
    Again lacking ideal power, Park will make lots of contact, drive the ball, and reach base…he has the speed to beat out some infield hits too.
  35. RHP Mark Hara (unsigned)
  36. SS Robin Scott (JAC; 2/$9.6M)
    A good defender, Scott has a little bit of power to go along with his defense.
  37. SS Charlie Duffy (LA; 2/$4.1M)
    Lacks the range to play SS, but should be an exceptional 2B/3B and has some hitting ability to help out too.
  38. RHP Cliff Torres (unsigned)
  39. RHP Chris Moeller (PHI; 2/$4.0M)
    Won’t walk many, but won’t  face many either, Moeller can make an impact when used properly.
  40. RHP Charles Perez (unsigned)
  41. LHP Pasquel Romero (unsigned)
  42. LHP D.J. Quinn (CSP; 1/$3.3M)
    Great control, does a good job against LHB, his weakness has to be his second pitch.
  43. SS Cla Jennings (CLE; 2/$7.6M)
    Not really a SS, but more of a 2B/3B, he makes some contact and can drive the ball decently.
  44. LHP Denny Belle (MNT; 5/$34.0M)
    One of the top 5 starting pitchers really got paid. His splits are worrisome as he doesn’t seem to have the pitches to overcome them.
  45. LHP Andres Alonso (unsigned)
  46. SS Jared Gran (LA; 1/$4.0M)
    He makes good contact and is alright at driving the ball, but he doesn’t have the overall defensive talent to cut it at SS.
  47. SS Mark Ishii (unsigned)
  48. 1B Hunter Sizemore* (unsigned)
  49. 1B George Borbon (unsigned)
  50. CF Chipper Easley (LOU; 1/$2.9M)
    Tremendous range to go along with good contact, solid ability to drive the ball, and a good eye. Major downgrade here for the atrocious glove.

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