Monday, October 11, 2010

National League Playoff Picture (through 142 games)

NL North
Columbus Aeros (8) 101-41
After a wildcard appearance last season, the Aeros appear to be well on their way to winning the division. They have a 12.5 game lead on Ottawa and should win the NL's best division. They have all but clinched the best record in the NL and a first round bye.

NL East
New York Highlanders (14) 76-67
The Highlanders have a 6.5 game lead over Louisville and should very well earn their second straight division championship. They trail New Orleans by 2 games in the bid for the second bye. Barring a dramatic run by Louisville, you will see the Highlanders in the playoffs.

NL South
New Orleans Zydeco (6) 78-65
The smallest magic number of all the division leaders belong to the Zydeco. They have already matched their win total from last season and hold a nearly insurmountable 14 game lead over Little Rock and should earn the first playoff appearance in the franchise's history.

NL West
Las Vegas Bookies (13) 77-65
The Bookies have an 8.0 game lead over Anaheim as they attempt to reach the playoffs for the first time in their history. A magic number of 13 with 20 games to go means that they should be in the playoffs...the only real question is whether or not they will have a first-round bye.

NL Wildcard
Once again, the NL North provides half of the playoff field in the NL.
Ottawa Outlaws (1) 89-54
A victory clinches Ottawa's second straight playoff appearance as the defending world champion is likely to improve upon last season's record, but need the wild card bid to get into the playoffs.
Cincinnati Battlin' Redlegs (7) 83-60
Cincinnati is going to make an appearance into the playoffs for the second straight year. They didn't get out of the first round, will have a better record than last season, yet need the second wild card to get in.

The National League race is all but decided, with seedings and byes all that are left to be determined. The National League currently have just 6 teams above .500 but only one team below .400. Ottawa would be leading every other division in Billy Beane but will likely finish 10+ games behind Columbus. Cincinnati would be leading 5 of the other 7 divisions, but will have to settle for the second wild card.

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