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Top Prospects - Season 2



I based these rankings on the current ratings of the prospect, but the blurb is based on potential. The reason I did this was because everyone sees the same current ratings, while the projections may differ. It's also easier and less time consuming to get all the player ratings for this type of system. Please let me know if you have any questions about these ratings.


  1. LHP Christopher Casey (AAA – Arizona Desert Dogs – 24 years old)
    Casey ranks as the top starting pitcher in the minors and with good reason. His curveball and slider are top notch and should help make up for his lack of velocity and the fact that he is a fly-ball pitcher. Good control and decent stamina, he will be hurt as he lacks ideal durability for a starting pitcher. He does a good job at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone.
  2. RHP Brad Wolf (AA – Pittsburgh Crawfords – 21 years old)
    Wolf will struggle getting deep into games as he projects to be a 5-6 inning starter for his career. He has great control to go along with a great fastball and slider and a plus change-up. He keeps the ball out of the hitting zone against righties and lefties. Great velocity should lead to a lot of strikeouts.
  3. LHP Alex Estalella (AA – Columbus Aeros – 21 years old)
    Projects to be the best of the top 3 players in this category, he could currently start for many rotations in the major leagues. Has great durability and top-notch stamina, so he could pitch in 200+ innings every season. Won’t walk many and has a top-notch fastball to go along with a high-quality curve. Won’t give up the cheap home-run ball. Won’t strikeout a lot of players, but he should still be at or near the top of the league in ERA for years to come.
  4. RHP Reed Carlson (AA – Toronto Beavers – 22 years old)
  5. RHP Todd Schmidt (AA – Syracuse Orange – 22 years old)
  6. LHP Douglas Gose (AAA – Arizona Desert Dogs – 24 years old)
  7. RHP Darrin Swift (LoA – El Paso Sluggers – 23 years old)
  8. RHP Juan Guerrero (HiA – Atlanta Fightin’ Peach Pits – 21 years old)
  9. LHP Sammy Wilkinson (AAA – Texas Wildcats – 20 years old)
  10. RHP Jesus Alarcon (AA – Jacksonville Gators – 22 years old)


  1. LHP Ignacio Maranon (AA – Rochester – 22 years old)
    Lacks the durability to make the most of his talent, but he can definitely be a shutdown reliever once every few games…great control, good at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone, great velocity, 2 exceptional pitches and a good one…all the trademarks of a shutdown pitcher.
  2. RHP Otto Jaramillo (AAA – Cheyenne – 21 years old)
    Has exceptional control. 3 good pitches. Won’t strikeout a bunch of guys, but will be able to keep them from getting cheap hits off of him. Should be able to give a team 100+ innings and could be a very good 2-inning shutdown closer.
  3. RHP Pedro Fuentes (AAA – Jacksonville – 20 years old)
    Lacks the durability/stamina combo to make full use of his talents. Two exceptional pitches, great velocity, great control, and the ability to induce groundballs means he should be able to come on in high pressure situations and keep the runners on base from scoring. Will keep the pitches out of the hitting zone.
  4. LHP Bono Burke (AAA – Honolulu – 21 years old)
  5. RHP Samuel Wise (AA – Rochester – 22 years old)
  6. RHP Chris Berger (AAA – Las Vegas – 23 years old)
  7. RHP Storm Hill (HiA – Cincinnati – 19 years old)
  8. LHP Mike Harper (AA – Louisville – 21 years old)
  9. RHP Rob Arnold (HiA – Arizona – 23 years old)
  10. LHP Archie Mack (AAA – Atlanta – 23 years old)


  1. 2B Benito Cedeno (AAA – Chicago – 22 years old)
    Cedeno will give you solid defense while hitting for decent power. His real value lies in his ability to work the count for a walk as he should see OBP of .400+ with OPS of .850+, which is pretty good for a 2B. Will hit some homers, while making good contact. Won’t struggle to drive the ball against righties or lefties, but won’t excel at that either.
  2. 2B Willie Hernandez (AA – Atlanta – 21 years old)
    His hitting ratings are off the chart and he won’t embarrass himself defensively, but what hurts Hernandez is his lack of durability. He won’t get much more than 400+ plate appearances, which is a shame since his hitting ratings are pretty good. He projects to have perennial all-star and sliver slugger talent, if he can eek out enough plate appearances to qualify.
  3. SS Mike Payne (AAA – Atlanta – 24 years old)
    Another guys who should be a yearly candidate for the all-star team, has tremendous arm strength and accuracy while being no slouch with his range and glove either. Has the potential to compete for a gold glove and silver slugger as well. Can hit for average and power while working the count…will struggle against righties, but not enough to be a platoon player.
  4. SS Lou Coleman (AAA – Louisville – 20 years old)
  5. SS Rickie Burgess (HiA – Anaheim – 21 years old)
  6. SS Miguel Mesa (AAA – Colorado Springs – 23 years old)
  7. SS Torey Pichardo (AAA – Jacksonville – 21 years old)
  8. 3B Jerry Benjamin (HiA – Anaheim – 21 years old)
  9. SS Stu Brown (AAA – Rochester – 23 years old)
  10. 3B Darren Keppel (AA – Atlanta – 22 years old)


  1. CF B.C. Osterbrock (AAA – Louisville – 23 years old)
    It’s highly doubtful that Osterbrock will be a major league centerfielder, but he definitely has the range to, he’s just hurt by a lack of glove ability. Strong arm with great accuracy for an outfielder. Great speed. Won’t destroy pitchers, but has great power and a great eye to go along with it. Should see some all-star games in his future and a gold glover in either corner outfield slot.
  2. LF Damaso Ontiveros (AAA – Atlanta – 21 years old)
    He will make right-handed pitchers cry for their mommies. Will hit for great power and average while he works the count for walks. Not good at defense, but when you hit the way he does, why worry about that? He’s also a great base runner. Can potentially contend for the MVP every season once he makes it to the majors.
  3. CF Alan Abernathy (HiA – Cincinnati – 20 years old)
    Projects to be a very good defensive centerfielder who can provide his team with a 30/30 season based on his power and speed. Good base runner with a strong arm that should lead to some OF assists. Will struggle some with lefties.
  4. CF Fausto James (AA – Texas – 23 years old)
  5. RF Kevin Zhang (AAA – New York – 21 years old)
  6. RF Reid Millwood (AAA – Ottawa – 25 years old)
  7. CF Orlando Johnson (AA – Seattle – 21 years old)
  8. RF Scott Gorecki (AA – Toronto – 22 years old)
  9. RF Enrique Ordonez (AA – Las Vegas – 19 years old)
  10. LF Jackie Bell (AA – Atlanta – 23 years old)


  1. 1B Johnnie Kozlowski (AAA – Texas – 22 years old)
    You don’t see many first basemen who could lead off for their teams, but he sure could. Projects to be able to make elite contact, while getting on base at an amazing clip, and being able to drive the ball against lefties and righties. Should come close to leading the league in doubles and put up about 20 home runs a season.
  2. DH Rico Dotel (AAA – Richmond – 24 years old)
    Should hit for power, average, and reach base as well as anybody. Can’t really play any in the field positions. He will drive the ball very well, but not at an elite level. Should be able to compete for a .300 average with about 30-40 home runs every season.
  3. 1B Damon Bulger (AA – Honolulu – 20 years old)
    Projects to the elite levels in average, power, vsL, and his command of the strike zone. Will struggle against righties though. Should play adequate first base. Could hit 40+ home runs with a .330+ average.
  4. 1B Pete Malone (HiA – Cincinnati – 20 years old)
  5. DH Doug Robinson (AA – Jacksonville – 21 years old)
  6. 1B P.T. Rosario (AAA – Atlanta – 20 years old)
  7. 1B Bryan Williams (AAA – New York – 23 years old)
  8. DH Sam King (AAA – Cheyenne – 22 years old)
  9. 1B Adam Stoddard (AAA – Toronto – 24 years old)
  10. DH Ron Milner (HiA – Florida – 20 years old)


  1. Mel Mays (AA – Cheyenne – 24 years old)
    Mays is a ridiculous talent. He doesn’t have the strongest arm, but he can call a game, hit for power and average. He hits so hard that pitchers are scared for their lives. He can work the count. If he develops and comes close to his projections, he should be a yearly MVP candidate with enough plate appearances. Should be at or near the top of the league in HRs, RBIs, and average.
  2. Walt Burke (AA – Honolulu – 22 years old)
    He won’t call a great game, but he won’t embarrass himself too badly behind the plate. Has the arm strength and accuracy to make it dangerous to run on him. Projects to destroy righties, while hitting for a tremendous average with great power and a great eye. He should also be a perennial MVP candidate if he gets enough plate appearances. He could also win the Triple Crown as well.
  3. Malachi Wakefield (AAA – Honolulu – 24 years old)
    Lacks the durability to make an impact during the regular season. He pairs perfectly with a team looking for a late-inning defensive replacement that won’t hurt them when he comes to bat. Once his team gets to the playoffs, he has the potential to win the post-season MVP. Will hit for average, power, and get on base, while calling an amazing game and practically shutting down the running game. With an average durability, you’d have 2 MVP caliber catchers in the Honolulu system.
  4. Victor Santana (AAA – Montana – 24 years old)
  5. Jean Leonard (AAA – Arizona – 22 years old)
  6. Peter Chong (AA – Cheyenne – 22 years old)
  7. George Ryan (AAA – Philadelphia – 26 years old)
  8. Juan Vazquez (AA – Rochester – 21 years old)
  9. Diory Moreno (AA – Toronto – 23 years old)
  10. Alvin Browne (AAA – Richmond – 22 years old)

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